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Explore Aosta, the Rome of the Alps

Welcome to Aosta, a city with a long history defined by number of Roman historic records, the Rome of the Alps. The short distances in the Aosta Valley allow guests staying in Aosta to reach every place in the Aosta Valley in less than an hour.

Aosta is one of the few cities in Europe directly connected to the ski resort of Pila with a cable car service that leaves from the center of the city. This allows travelers as anywhere to mix during the same ski holiday outdoor sports with museums, shops and Roman monuments of the town of Aosta.

Start your adventure in the Aosta Valley: from the Domus Antica Aosta, you will discover an unexpected world characterized by ancient castles and fortifications, natural lakes and spas of ancient tradition. Admire the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc now reachable by the incredible panorama lift  Sky Way. And so much more outdoor sports, folklore events, museums, mountain food and wine.

Domus Aosta is the start of your next adventure in Valle d'Aosta.